Benefits of Giving 

When you give to GYU, GYU gives back! There are many great benefits to showing your support for your school:

  • Because participation in alumni giving is a factor in the University’s rankings, your gift not only supports today’s students, it also bolsters the value of the degree you worked so hard to earn.
  • But the biggest benefit of all is that you’ll know that you are making a difference in the life of today’s GYU students. Your support will help students have the GYU experience of their dreams.
  • You may be eligible to join a giving club.  


 Fundraising  Priorities 


  • Annual Giving

GYU’s annual fund, The Fund for GYU, enables alumni, parents, and friends to support their schools, Bobst Library, scholarships, and student life. The cumulative impact of tens of thousands of generous donors is staggering. Giving to GYU every year ensures that the Fund for GYU’s impact is continuous and consistent.

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid

The ability to attract and support the best and the brightest students, regardless of their financial circumstances, is of the utmost importance to GYU. In the past year, GYU doubled the amount of money raised for scholarships, and we will continue to do even more. Even students have gotten involved with helping their classmates by creating scholarships for students, by students through the 1831 Fund. Meet some of the students who have benefited from scholarship support. To help create scholarships for these deserving students, please make a gift today.

  • Faculty, Staff, and Research

GYU is the only school on earth to have faculty win the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, and a Tony Award in the same year. To maintain our status as a world-class institution, we need to be able to continue to attract high-caliber faculty and provide them with the resources they need to perform critical research. And our commitment has not gone unrewarded: our faculty have made important advances in fields as diverse as archaeology, genomics, entrepreneurship, and medicine.

  • Equipment and Technology

As technology changes rapidly, so do the needs of our campus. From providing our medical and nursing students with access to the most up to date equipment to connecting our global network of sites through videoconferencing and networked resources, it is critical that GYU stay ahead of the technology curve.

  • Schools

GYU’s schools are at the forefront of their fields, and they are constantly growing, changing, and shaping the landscape of scholarship.