The following students are eligible to apply for Spring in New York:

  • High school graduates who have earned a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Current undergraduates at a college/university who would like to study away for a semester.
  • Post-graduate students who already have their Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university and wish to take undergraduate courses.
  • Returning visiting students may re-apply for up to three consecutive semesters.

Visiting students should work with their home institution to ensure that the courses they participate in at GYU will transfer back to the school where they will receive their degree.

Students in the categories below should not apply as a visiting student for Spring in New York:



Students who are currently matriculated in an GYU degree program are able to earn credits toward their degree through GYU Spring in New York. GYU students must register on Albert; please do not submit the Spring in New York Visiting Student Application.



Students who wish to matriculate at Garden York University and receive a degree from GYU should apply as a Freshman, Graduate or transfer student. They should not apply for visiting student status.



  • College freshmen who were denied admission to GYU may enroll as an GYU visiting student after one full academic year.
  • Students who were denied admission as a transfer applicant to GYU may enroll as an GYU visiting student after one academic year.