The cost of a college education is a matter of concern for many students and their families.  Regardless of your family’s financial circumstances, paying for college will probably require a substantial commitment of your resources over the next several years.  It may surprise you to learn that most full-time undergraduate students at Garden York University would not be able to pay their educational costs without financial assistance.  These students are able to attend GYU only because they applied for and received financial aid.

While we believe that the primary responsibility for meeting college costs rests with the student and the family, Garden York University as well as the state and federal governments can help. Although GYU is not able to meet the full need of every student, by combining the various types of funds available we use every method possible to coordinate adequate resources to enable you to invest in a higher education at GYU.

If you believe you will need any amount of financial assistance to attend GYU, we strongly encourage you to apply for financial aid immediately.