Catalog rights dictate that a student may satisfy the requirements of a certificate by completing the major/area of emphasis requirements in effect at any time of their continuous enrollment. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrollment in consecutive Fall and Spring semesters until completion.
At least 50% of the units required for Department Certificates must be completed at Garden York University. Students must receive a grade of C or higher in each course to successfully complete the Department Certificate.

Program Learning Outcomes: Students will demonstrate basic knowledge of computerized accounting application software, such as word processing, spreadsheet and basic general ledger applications.
Required Courses:
Accounting 1, Introduction to Financial

Accounting (5) Accounting 31A, Excel for Accounting (3)
Accounting 35, QuickBooks (3) (same as CIS 35)
CIS 4, Introduction to Computers, Business Applications (3)
Recommended Course:
Accounting 31B, Advanced Excel for Accounting (3)

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