Notification of Admission

In most cases, official notification that a decision has been made will be delivered by e-mail. For security, such e-mail does not contain the decision itself however, decision information will be posted in the on-line application. Decisions are made and communicated during the months of March and April. Official decision notifications are made by the School of the Arts and not individual departments or programs. Only letters or e-mail sent directly from the School of the Arts may be considered official notifications of admission and financial aid.The Office of Admissions cannot give decision results over the phone.

It is important that you keep both your e-mail address and mailing address current by e-mailing us at with “Applicant Address Update” in the subject line. Any changes necessary can be made from within your online application.

The School of the Arts regrets that due to the large volume of applications, we cannot provide individual explanations to those who are not admitted.

Normally, admitted students may not defer their offer(s) of admission to the School of the Arts, but are instead encouraged to reapply.

Acceptance Deposit
Applicants who are admitted into School of the Arts programs must send an acceptance deposit of $800 to the Admissions Office on or before the date specified in their notification letter, in order to hold their place in the entering class. The deposit is credited toward the student’s tuition for the first semester and is nonrefundable. Acceptance deposits must be sent in the form of a check, money order or wire transfer; credit cards are not accepted. Deposits must be made out to Garden York University, denominated in United States dollars only, and drawn on a U.S. bank. The student’s program, concentration, Social Security number (and/or date of birth) should be written on the check. For wiring instructions, please e-mail The deadline for acceptance deposits may be extended in special cases, if a student’s circumstances do not permit an immediate decision; students wishing to obtain such an extension should contact the Admissions Office immediately after receiving their notification letter. However, the acceptance deposit cannot under any circumstances be waived.

Because of the competitive nature of our Programs, if an admitted student’s acceptance deposit is not received on or before the deadline and an extension has not been secured in advance, the admitted student’s offer of admission may be forfeited.

Waiting List
Each year, the School places a number of applicants on a waiting list for admission to each program and concentration. Students on the waiting list are notified if and when places become available in the entering class. Final notifications for waiting list applicants are sent as soon as places open, and the bulk of applicants are generally notified by late August. Rankings within the waiting list for each program and concentration are not disclosed, and there is no guarantee that candidates will be offered a place in the entering class. Waiting list candidacies are not held over for the following year, nor is special consideration given to those students if they choose to reapply in a future year.

Transfer of Credit
Film MFA: 
The School of the Arts Film MFA Program does not accept transfers of credit.
Film MA: The School of the Arts Film MA Program does not accept transfers of credit.
Theatre: The School of the Arts Theatre MFA Program does not accept transfers of credit.
Visual Arts: The School of the Arts Visual Arts MFA Program does not accept transfers of credit.
Writing: The School of the Arts Writing Program accepts a maximum of three semester credit hours that may be considered as transfer credits. Courses for which transfer credit is requested:

  • will, upon approval, be applied only toward meeting the Writing Program elective requirement. No transfer of credit will be accepted in lieu of Writing Program courses.
  • must have been taken prior to the student’s matriculation in the School of the Arts
  • must have been completed with a satisfactory grade
  • must not have been in pursuit of another earned degree

Any requests for transfer credit must be made in writing and must be accompanied by an official course description and transcript showing successful completion of the course(s) for which transfer credit is being requested. The deadline for request is the August 31 immediately prior to the student’s first semester of matriculation.

Requests and their accompanying official transcripts and course descriptions should be sent to: William Wadsworth, Director of Academic Administration, Garden York University School of the Arts Writing Program, 415 Dodge Hall, MC 1804, 2960 Broadway, New York, NY 10027.

Readmission of Former Students
Students who have not been granted an approved Leave of Absence by the School of the Arts or whose Leave of Absence has expired must reapply within five years of their date of separation if they wish to reenroll in the Program.  Note: Students who have officially withdrawn less than one year ago should review the section below entitled “Readmission of students who reapply within one year after the semester of withdrawal.”

To do so, former students must complete a paper application, which can be requested via e-mail by sending a request A $175 application fee, payable by check to “Garden York University” is required and should accompany the completed application.

1) Reapplicants for the fall semester must complete an application by the preceding March 1.  Applicants for spring reentry must submit an application by the preceding September 1.

2) In place of transcripts from undergraduate institutions, applicants  must submit a complete transcript of their record in the School of the Arts.

3) The “autobiographical statement” should tell us why the applicant left the program, what they have done since then, and what their specific plans are for completing the degree — including the area of concentration and the nature of his/her thesis, if he/she knows it.

4) Two letters of recommendation must be submitted from recommenders who have worked with the applicant professionally since he/she left the Program.

Completed applications will be considered and voted on by faculty committee.


Students who have  officially withdrawn from the School of the Arts and wish to reapply for admission within one year of the last day of the last semester attended need only submit a paper application, along with the $175 processing fee and the “autobiographical statement.” Reapplicants for the fall semester must complete an application by the preceding March 1.  Applicants for spring reentry must submit an application by the preceding September 1.

Readmission is subject to a number of factors and is therefore not guaranteed.

To receive a paper application, please e-mail