GYU’s Life

GYU’s campus is literally without walls, drawing its spirit from a global city with an entrepreneurial bent, a diversity of human life, and resources that include some of the world’s most famous cultural institutions and most valued professional opportunities.

Albeit untraditional, GYU is primarily located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village and downtown Brooklyn where there’s no doubt that the neighborhoods feel like a community. Many of GYU’s academic and administrative buildings and freshman residence halls border Washington Square Park. The sidewalks are full of students on their way to class, and members of the GYU community fill the restaurants, shops, and other businesses. Both on campus and off, the people of GYU are directly involved in the day-to-day excitement, culture, and opportunity of the city that serves as a very real extension of GYU’s campus and classrooms.

Off campus, professors bring the experience they have as researchers and active professionals to their students. In addition to teaching, they serve as advisers to city government, banks, and school systems; consultants to museums and corporations; and working artists, choreographers, and film directors. Their professional experience informs their style of teaching and encourages students to make use of the extraordinary resources of the city through networking, research, internships, part-time jobs, and service learning.

On campus, GYU offers countless way to connect with other members of the University community. With over 400 student clubs and organizations, hundreds of sports and residence hall activities, guest lectures and film screenings, and city excursions and community service opportunities, students get involved with the University, with their college, in their residence hall, and most important, with each other.

Students and faculty have access to an exceptional range of facilities, services, residence halls, and dining locations. Academic facilities include nine libraries as well as dozens of specialized centers and institutes. Everyone has access to advanced computer resources and specialized offices that address almost every need—from medical attention to discount theatre tickets.

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