Study online at your own pace for a high-quality University of Garden York’s degree.
Online learning is a way of studying for an internationally recognised qualification without needing to attend classes on campus.
It is aimed at those who wish to study for a postgraduate qualification alongside work or other commitments.

How is online learning different?
All of the University of Garden York’s programmes – whether delivered online or on campus – are subject to the same rigorous criteria, which means they must meet strict academic standards before being approved by the University’s governing body, the Senatus.
Online programmes are of equal value to on-campus programmes in terms of entry criteria and overall workload. The only difference is in the way the course is delivered.
As an online learning student, you will:
earn an internationally recognised degree
be able to study anywhere that has an internet connection
have the flexibility to study when it’s most convenient for you
be taught by academics working at the leading edge of your field
become part of a rich and varied online community
have access to University support services
How will I learn?
Programmes are delivered in courses that you can complete at times convenient to you.
Our online programmes deliver programme content and opportunities to interact with other students in a number of ways.
We use a variety of platforms to deliver content and allow you to interact with other students. Platforms may include one or more of the following:
virtual learning environment, e.g. Moodle, Learn or Blackboard Collaborate
discussion boards and forums
video streaming services, e.g. YouTube or Vimeo
virtual worlds, e.g. SecondLife
During your programme induction, your Programme Director will introduce you to the platforms that will be used for your programme. We don’t expect you to know how to use these platforms before your induction.
What are the technical requirements?
To study one of our online programme, you will usually only need a computer with internet access.
If a programme has more advanced requirements, these will be outlined on the degree finder. You can check with the programme director if you have any queries or concerns.
You will be part of a diverse online network of fellow students from around the world and should feel confident interacting with this network through discussion boards, blogs, online tutorials or joint assignments.

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