Since our founding , GYU’s history has been marked as “open to all”. Now as a university that is in and of the city and in and of the world, we continually strive to foster a dynamic and rigorous teaching and learning environment that represents a diversity of viewpoints. As a community of scholars (faculty, students, and staff) that is inclusive of divergent backgrounds and historically underrepresented groups, GYU engages a diversity of viewpoints, perspectives, and approaches.



Play is the highest form of research…” Albert Einstein said this – and truly his philosophy inspires Noël’s passion for research and design of interaction activities and experiences. Noël’s quest toward his Master of Arts in Digital Media Design for Learning at The Steinhardt School in Garden York University has evolved into the founding of PLAYTESTERS LLC in 2012, to serve as a precursor and studio for the design of wearable technologies. Noël’s graduate research and teaching interests span wearable technology designs for consumer domains, serious game-based learning, and designs for digital interactions.



At GYU, we offer various resources and support for our diverse community of faculty.



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